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Lip Reduction

Lip Reduction

It is a known fact that many women and men undergo lip augmentation surgery for increasing the size of the lower or/and upper lips. However, there are some people who feel that the size of their lips is too large for their facial features.   It is understandable that people who have overly large sized lips might self-conscious about their look and appearance.  If you are also having large lips of which you want to get rid of then lip reduction surgery can help you achieve desired result. This type of surgical procedure can reduce the size of lips bringing it in proportion with rest of your facial features.

Who is the right candidate for lip reduction surgery?

If you are one of those individuals who have naturally large size of lips then you can opt for this surgery. Also, people who are not happy with the outcome of a permanent lip augmentation procedure done previously can benefit from lip reduction surgery.  In addition, candidates who have a positive attitude, realistic expectations and are in overall good health can undergo this surgery. Make sure that you quit smoking at least a month before and do not smoke a month after surgery.  

How is lip reduction surgery performed?

It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures which aim at reducing the size of large lips.  It is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. In case, you are undergoing multiple surgeries then it might be performed under general anesthesia.   While performing the surgery, a cosmetic surgeon makes a horizontal incision on the inside of the lip. Then, the surgeon removes excess tissue and fat deposits from the lip and closes the incision with stitches.  This type of surgical procedure can be performed on either lower or upper lip for balancing out facial features and improving the appearance of the patient.

Recovery post-surgery

Even though patients experience some side-effects after undergoing knife for lip-reduction surgery, these are pretty minor in comparison to more invasive procedures such as eyelid surgery or facelift surgery.  After the surgery, a patient is required to apply ice bags to the lips and take pain medications for limiting swelling and pain.  Depending on the case, a cosmetic surgeon might use sutures so that there is no need to remove sutures at a much later date. Patient can resume work a week after the surgery. It might take at least a month or two to get visible results.